• FAQs


Can I walk instead of Run?

Yes! This an untimed event and we welcome all walkers and non-runners.

Are dogs allowed?

Not for this race, please and thank you.

Do I have to do the challenges on the course if I sign up?

No, you will notify the race when registering.

Can I run with a stroller?

Sure! We just ask that you start toward the back so as not to impede the other runners.

Can my child sign up and participate?

Yes, they can, however they will be given a different color bib to indicate they are underage.

Are headphones allowed?

Yes. Please be mindful of those around you and be able to hear any emergency announcements.

Can I come just for the party?

Yes, please enjoy the yard games, camaraderie, and great beverages!

Can I register on the day of the race?

We don’t know yet - please watch our website and Facebook page for updates.